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Black Walnut Creme

If you like Irish Creme you've got to try this!
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$25.99 | $23.39 per Bottle

Classic Demi-Red

An exciting, well-balanced marriage uniting our famous Classic Demi-Sec and a special red blend.
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$11.99 | $8.99 per Bottle

Classic Demi-Sec

This delicious white blend is soft, slightly fruity, and semi-dry. It is by far our most popular wine and is perfect for any occasion.
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$9.99 | $7.99 per Bottle

Edel Doux

A “nobly sweet” blend of German varietals with a rich, lingering finish.
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$16.99 | $14.44 per Bottle

Farm Market Cranberry

Just the right amount of sweet tart for a refreshing and flavorful treat. A best seller!
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$13.99 | $12.59 per Bottle

Fruitful Harvest Fruit Wine Set - 3 Bottles

Our original 3 bottle Fruitful Harvest Fruit Wine Set

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$41.97 per Bottle

Grand Mark

Every exquisite bottle of Grand Mark is handmade and created with only the finest handpicked Pinot Noir & Chardonnay grapes. Enjoy what is undoubtedly the hallmark of Tabor Hill!
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$29.99 per Bottle


A dry white table wine with a clean, crisp finish. Hints of peach, apple, and floral tones. An excellent summer wine.
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$12.99 | $11.99 per Bottle

Mint Chocolate Creme

LIMITED RELEASE! Get it while you can.
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$27.99 per Bottle


Intensely aromatic with light tropical tones.
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$15.99 per Bottle

Red Arrow Red

A delightful Bordeaux-style blend it has a rich bouquet of cherries and spice with hints of berry and oak.
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$15.99 | $11.99 per Bottle

Redel Doux

Sweet, rich and flavorful with a lingering fruit finish.
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$13.99 per Bottle