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A perfect wine to get you through the dog days of summer!
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$21.99 per Bottle

Artesia Spumante

A refreshing and fruity sparkling wine that is perfect for celebrating any ocassion.
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Black Walnut Creme

If you like Irish Creme you've got to try this!
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$25.99 per Bottle

Blanc de Noir

Enjoy the bright cherry, raspberry, and strawberry character of this sparkling wine.
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$22.99 per Bottle

Cabernet Sauvignon

King of the Reds! Dry with moderate tannins, hints of currant and chocolate.
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$24.99 per Bottle


Enjoy the tropical fruit notes framed with just the right amount of French oak.
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$21.99 per Bottle

Chardonnay LMS

Barrel aged with rich balance of tropical fruit and toasted flavors.

$24.99 per Bottle

Easter Wine Set

These 3 wines are the perfect pairing for a traditional Easter dinner.
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$62.97 per Bottle

Edel Doux

A “nobly sweet” blend of German varietals with a rich, lingering finish.
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$16.99 per Bottle

Farm Market Apple

Light and refreshing, a secret blend of locally-grown Heirloom apples.
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$12.99 per Bottle

Farm Market Blueberry

A crisp wine made from 100% fresh Michigan blueberries.
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$14.99 per Bottle

Farm Market Cherry

The complex flavor and aroma in this wine offer a full and fruity invitation reminiscent of fresh cherry pie.
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$15.99 per Bottle