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Barrel Select Chardonnay

A wonderful fruity and oaky Chardonnay made entirely of our estate grown grapes.
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$21.99 per Bottle

Blanc de Blanc

The sparkling counterpart of our Classic Demi-Sec.
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Cabernet Franc

Currant, plum, and spice overtones with hints of chocloate and black cherries.
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$22.99 per Bottle

Cabernet Franc Port

A sweet, yet delightful blend with flavors that seem to last forever.
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$31.99 per Bottle

Cabernet Sauvignon

Rich, smooth, and fruity with plum and berry overtones.
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$24.99 per Bottle


Fruit-forward and refreshing Chardonnay hybrid variety.
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$13.99 per Bottle


Bright fruit notes complimented with just a touch of oak.
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$17.99 per Bottle

Cherry Wine

The closest thing to cherry pie in a bottle! Made 100% from Michigan Cherries, it is softly sweet with a spicy, yet tart, finish.
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$13.99 per Bottle

Classic Demi-Red

An exciting, well-balanced marriage uniting our famous Classic Demi-Sec and a special red blend.
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$11.99 per Bottle

Classic Demi-Sec

This delicious white blend is soft, slightly fruity, and semi-dry. It is by far our most popular wine and is perfect for any occasion.
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$9.99 per Bottle

Cranberry Wine

An enticing balance of sweet and tart. Great as a dessert wine paired with chocolate or with Thanksgiving dinner.

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$13.99 per Bottle

Dry Riesling

Subtle floral aromas and hints of apple and citrus lead to a clean, crisp finish.
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$16.99 per Bottle