' Sustainability — Drink Michigan / Entente Spirits LLC



We believe in the importance of sustainable farming, winemaking and business practices. 

This farm is environmentally verified.

As a family-owned and operated second-generation business, talks of passing the torch are permanently top-of-mind, so the future is naturally important to us on many levels. Being kind to our Earth is an essential part of how we operate and a responsibility we take seriously. We are committed to reducing our footprint and making conscience and thoughtful decisions to follow sustainable practices throughout our company; from the vineyard to our tasting rooms and beyond. 


The following are just a few examples of ways we work to protect and preserve our environment for generations to come.


• MAEAP verified farm

• Little to no pesticides used in the vineyard (no Round Up)

• Use the least amount of water necessary for spraying and production

• Mechanical weed control (no chemicals)

• Natural fertilizers

• Erosion control measures

• Natural cooling practices in the cellar when Mother Nature cooperates

• Re-capture knockout water in the brewery cutting our water loss by 50%

• Repurpose distillate byproducts for our cooling system

• High-efficiency LED lights

• Recycling at all facilities

• Greenware® compostable plastic cups used at our events